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Lenevo Thinkpad X1 Fold - The Future of Laptops

Lenevo Thinkpad X1 Fold - The Future of Laptops

This year's CES 2020 we have seen alot of new technology being introduced and is a fresh start of 2020 and the new decade. One of them is the new Lenevo Thinkpad X1 Fold which is a foldable laptop and is set to release in 2020, other companies like Intel and Dell also introduced similar tech but they are still prototypes. Chinese company Lenevo is taking the first step to actually release it in the market in 2020.

These all new foldable laptops will act both as a tablet and a laptop, also known as hybrid devices and are 5G ready devices. This laptop is about 17 inches and is a diagonal foldable screen. Talking about the display quality, they will have OLED 2k screen which is pretty impressive. These devices will run on upcoming Windows 10X operating system which is specifically designed for hybrid devices like this. It will go sale this summer in US for about $2,499. It will have inbuilt virtual keyboard for typing but external keybo…