Realme Buds Air - Quick Review of the Airpods Lookalike

Realme Buds Air - Quick Review

Realme's own flagship budget wireless earbuds was revealed on 17th December 2019 and they call it Realme Buds Air. It is a lookalike of Apple's Airpods and is almost a clone of it in terms of looks and it works like that too. The best part about is that it costs only Rs 3,999 which is really cheap to what original Airpods cost which goes up to Rs 12,900. It has gained a lot of attention on the Internet because Realme is no doubt the fastest growing smartphone manufacturers in India and they launch some amazing smartphones at a really budget price, and Buds Air is one of them but it's a completely  wireless earbuds.

Realme Buds Air comes in a wireless charging case just like the Airpods and it almost looks the exact same as the Airpods charging case. The earbuds are also shaped just like the Airpods and the design. Some people are loving this because now they can wear Buds Air in public and people will confuse it as Airpods. The funniest part is that the charging case of Buds Air says "designed by realme". The sensors on the Buds Air are also aligned almost as the same as Airpods.

It comes in two other colors than white and they are black and yellow. That's good I think. The Realme Buds Air comes with Bluetooth 5.0 R1 chip which is similar to the H1 chip in Airpods.

There are also touch controls, like double tap to play or pause the music, long press to launch the assistant and long pressing both sides to activate the gaming mode. There is this feature that when you take off one or both earbuds off your ear, the music will pause and when you put it back the music will resume which is another great thing. There is Environment Noise Cancellation feature too and dual mics on both the earbuds. The sound quality of the Earbuds are almost as good as the Airpods. The bass is also really amazing on these earbuds. There is also a wireless charging mat provided along the Buds Air which charges your Buds Air and the charging case, there is a USB port too if you want to charge it through that. So yeah you are getting a lot of features in this budget price.

Talking about the battery life which I almost forgot to put, you will get up to 3 hours of play time on the Ear Buds. That means 3 hours of usage on a single charge and up to 17 hours with the wireless charging case.

This is pretty much it. I think Realme has done a great job on this. Go ahead if you want to buy it! 


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