Oneplus 7T Pro is here! - High End Smartphone from Oneplus

Oneplus 7T Pro is here! - High End Smartphone from Oneplus

Oneplus has finally launched it's best android smartphone yet which is Oneplus 7T Pro. It's currently the most high end smartphone you will get from Oneplus with the best specifications possible from them. Before Oneplus 7T Pro they have launched Oneplus 7 and Oneplus 7 Pro and then after a while Oneplus 7T which was launched like a month ago. So yeah that's 4 Oneplus smartphones within a year. The most budget one from all of these is obviously Oneplus 7. This smartphone maker company really got popular after they released the Oneplus 6T which was tagged as a flagship killer phone and it really was within a budget price but Oneplus 7T Pro is the king of all.

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This smartphone costs 700 Euros and will be available from October 17th to buy in the UK but unfortunately there has been no release date for the United States so far. We aren't sure if they will really release it in the US or not or maybe after some time.

The McLaren Edition of Oneplus 7T Pro has 12GB of RAM and 256GB of internal storage. It will cost like 800 Euros and is also the most premium high end model of Oneplus 7T Pro. Talking about the display, it's so gorgeous featuring 6.67 inch Quad HD + OLED 90 Hz display having curves around the edges and sides. Front facing camera will be featured in the pop up camera which is of 16-megapixel. There's no notch and it's all screen beautiful display. It has the fastest under display fingerprint sensor. No headphone jack.

The battery capacity that we are getting is of 4085mAh and it will charge 23 percent faster than the Oneplus 7 Pro. It features Warp Charge 30T technology. Oneplus 7 Pro provides 50% of charging in just 20 minutes so there will be a difference.

It's obviously powered by the Android's currently fastest processor yet which is the Snapdragon 855+ processor and with 12GB of RAM and with amazing optimization you will have the best smartphone experience. It's just wow. Remember that Oneplus 7T Pro does not support 5G network technology.

The camera experience that you will get is one of the best in a smartphone as of now. Not gonna lie it's boring for me to mention camera specs everytime while writing about a smartphone but whatever I am gonna do it again. It has triple cameras on the back.
Main Camera: 48 megapixel with f/1.6
Telephoto Camera: 8 megapixel with f/2.4
Ultra wide angle camera: 16 megapixel f/2.2

So yes, this is Oneplus 7T Pro. The best one from Oneplus yet! Available from October 17th 2019


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