Microsoft Surface Neo - Dual Screen Tablet Coming Holiday 2020

Microsoft Surface Neo - Dual Screen Tablet Coming Holiday 2020

Microsoft recently revealed awesome tech that they will release in the coming future and Surface Neo is one of them that is really amazing. It is a dual screen tablet that can do things like a laptop notebook and more. So what it really is?

Microsoft says that it has two 9'' (inches) screen that is foldable with 360 degree hinge, touch, smart pen, keyboard and alot of new features. After watching their reveal video on Youtube I was like damn this is some amazing tech Microsoft is going to release. You can watch the video here. It is something that is going to rival with Apple's Macbook and iPad tech so hard, also with other notebook and tablet devices. Along with Neo Microsoft also revealed other devices like Surface Earbuds, Surface Pro X, Surface Laptop 3 and Surface Pro 7.

It weighs around 1.4 pounds or 655 grams and is 5.6mm thick. Microsoft is taking the folding screens game to the next level as the way you can use these screens along with all the amazing gestures, pen, keyboard and touch is some amazing thing. You can use the keyboard separately using the Bluetooth technology or with the folding screens and have a laptop notebook like experience. The keyboard will also charge wirelessly when it is attached to the tablet and can be magnetically attached to it. And Surface Neo will obviously run on Windows 10 and a special version of it called Windows 10X that is specially designed and optimized for dual screen devices. Microsoft created the first Surface tablet more than 7 years ago and since than the technology has come a long way and Microsoft is always trying something new as they release new devices.

When the screen is folded, it provides a 13'' (inches) screen to work with. We don't know anything about the hardware specifications yet but it's sure that they will be powered by amazing technology.
People who watched Microsoft Surface Neo's presentation video are really happy with what Microsoft is doing. There's a comment saying that "Jesus Christ someone finally doing something besides improving the camera.". People are also making jokes on Samsung's all screen folding technology saying that we don't really need it. Microsoft is being really innovative now. Some people are also asking if it has a headphone jack but I think it won't have it since Microsoft is also going to sell their wireless earphones called Surface Earbuds.

2020 is going to be a really amazing year for technology and I wonder what it will be like after 10 years. So yeah this is it for Surface Neo that can work as a tablet, a notebook, a laptop, a phone and more!


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