Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha - Futuristic Smartphone

Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha - Futuristic Smartphone

After seeing smartphones that can fold, yeah I am talking about the Samsung Galaxy Fold and then other concept smartphones. It's really amazing that the smartphones are progressing at such a higher rate. But then I came to know about the Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha and this blew my mind. At first I thought this isn't real and is just a concept that won't be released sooner. But I was wrong, this is actually happening. It is an Android powered smartphone that is almost all screen from front to back. It has a surround display with screen-to-body ration of 180.8%. Chinese companies are really crazy when it comes to innovative designs and amazing smartphones. It has a flexible sAMOLED 7.92 inches display. It will be powered by the Qualcomm's Snapdragon 855 processor with 12GB of LPDDR4X RAM. Yeah you read that right, 12gb of RAM in a smartphone. It will have 512GB of UFS 3.0 NAND flash storage.

Talking about the camera, Xiaomi partnered with Samsung to provide 108 mega pixels of camera that can shoot pictures of up to 12034x9042 resolution and that is really mind blowing. It is a true flagship smartphone that is just so different from all the other flagship smartphones. Low light photography will be amazing too with this smartphone. Main camera also features a 20MP ultra wide-angle camera, 12 MP telephoto module and a dual light flash. The battery capacity is about 4050 mAh and won't have a headphone jack. Oh that has become common now after Apple did it with the iPhones.

The phone is almost entirely made up of screen so yes that will be fragile as well and since it is a concept smartphone it will have limited production and according to many sources it will be available to purchase in China only. But isn't it amazing to see something like this in 2019?

The price that is set for this flagship smartphone is about 20,000 yuan or about 2800 USD.
Oh and the smartphone is mainly a 5G ready smartphone so we can expect some really amazing upload and download speeds when it is connected to a 5G network. Also this will be the first time we will be seeing 108MP camera in a smartphone. It will also feature 40W wired fast charging. The phone will be available to buy in China this December.

Talking about the smartphone being fragile, it is protected by an aerospace-grade alloy. The back strip is ceramic with sapphire glass protection. So yes Xiaomi is doing their best to protect the smartphone. That's it for now! 


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