Realme X 8GB Ram Onion Edition Android Smartphone - My Personal Review

Realme X 8GB Ram Onion Edition Smartphone - My Personal Review

I bought this amazing smartphone last month, it's actually more than a month now since I am using Realme X. After using iPhone 7 and iPhone SE for 2 months and being an Apple fanboy. I finally got tired of it so much that I was like I am never using iPhone again after using this smartphone for a while. I honestly love my phone so much and android phones have really improved so much. It felt good getting freedom in a smartphone again but I won't say I really hated iPhone 7. It was great but in 2 years the battery had really downgraded and battery became really trash. I had to charge it too much daily and always had a power bank with me. Oh well enough iPhone talk. I was really confused on what android phone I should get in budget and I wanted the best out of it. After going through many reviews and sites I finally decided to buy it.

So when I first unboxed smartphone, I was like damn this is so beautiful. I got the limited edition Onion version of Realme X. The 6.53 inches AMOLED display blew my mind. It felt so great holding the smartphone. I was used to the LCD screen of iPhone 7. After setting up things the phone was ready to use and I was already in love with it. Realme X has an all screen display with thin bezels and no notch. It has a pop-up camera to support the front camera. It was first time I used a smartphone like this. The phone has also in-display fingerprint sensor and it is really fast, faster than the Touch ID of iPhone 7.

Realme X Onion Edition looks very beautiful, the design is really amazing and feels very premium.

Let's talk about the basic specifications of this smartphone:

Display: 6.53-inch with resolution of 1080x2340 AMOLED screen
Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 710
Front Camera: Pop-Up 16MP camera
Rear Camera: 48MP + 5MP
128GB of Internal Storage. No expandable storage slot.
Battery: 3765mAh
Powered by Android 9 Pie

When I first started using this phone, it felt really big in my hands as I was used to iPhone 7's 4.7-inch screen. But slowly I got used to it and now when I use iPhone 7 it feels really small, forget about using iPhone SE. I didn't face a single lag till today or stuttering. The phone is super smooth, I did experience app crashes a couple of time but it was the app problem itself. As I talked about the camera, it is really great but there is one bad thing. I am a heavy Snapchat user and I take most of my pictures through Snapchat camera, doing streaks and stuff. When I take pictures in low light using Snapchat app, the photo becomes blurry. But in main phone camera it is great. Snapchat still need to optimize their app for Android phones. I think this is an issue with a lot of Android smartphones. Instagram's camera works better than Snapchat.

I've tested out some games like PUBG, Gta San Andreas, Asphalt series and these games work very nice without any lags, stuttering or heating. In terms of performance the smartphone is buttery smooth.

Talking about the Battery life, it is not that much high in numbers (3765mAh) but still gets me through out the day in normal usage. Especially when I go to college, I charge up my phone at around 7am to 100% and it gets me through the day easily. I won't say the battery life is very great, I have heard people having issues regarding that but not everyone. I will say it's okayish. Obviously it could be way better than that but it has AMOLED screen and it's a huge display so that's something that will happen. Also it supports fast VOC charging. The charging is rapid fast. It can go from 0% to 100% within 80 minutes. This is something I really love about this smartphone, iPhone 7 charged very slowly and discharged very fast.

I don't have really anything much bad to say about this phone till now. As I said it has been over a month and the phone works perfectly.

and yeah it has a headphone jack. Haha that's it for now. 


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