Some Best Apps for iPhone, iPad and Android Phones To Get! June 2019

Some Best Apps for iPhone, iPad and Android Phones To Get! June 2019

It's June 2019 and we've been much closer to our smartphones than ever before. I have listed below some really amazing apps that I personally use and find great for day-to-day lives. You may know about some or maybe already using them but check it out! I've also given a little information about the App listed so it will help you :)

1. Adobe Lightroom / VSCO / PicsArt

These are some my favorite editing apps for photos we take in our smartphones or edit out an existing photo. All the three apps are amazing in their own way, you can edit a lot of things in your photos and apply hundreds of different filters in your photos. Adobe Lightroom is mainly a professional photo editing app, VSCO is also photo editing app with amazing filters and options and in PicsArt you can do more with your photos, it's like the Photoshop version of smartphones but much easier to use.

2. Quora

Quora is personally my favorite app to use, it's en entire world of so many question threads with answers. It's basically a knowledge gaining app where people ask questions of almost every topic and other people answer them. The community is huge and it's like a social network on it's own. If you like knowing about various topics and getting information then this app is a must download.

3. Spotify

I am an iPhone user and been using Apple Music since a long time. My friends kept suggesting me to switch to Spotify and I finally decided to do it and damn it's was a great decision. Spotify is a music app and you probably know about it, it is changing the music industry with it's music streaming services. The best thing I like about Spotify is it's playlist suggestion and there's a playlist of basically every mood and type. Many people create their own playlists with amazing songs and thanks to Spotify, because of that I got to know about many more new songs. If you still don't use Spotify then you should try it for a week!

4. Shazam

I will say this is a revolutionary music app. If you don't know what music is playing in your area and really want to know it's name then Shazam will help you, it actually helps you identify music playing in the background and give you the artist's name and the music name. It will also tell you the music services you can use to play the music on your phone.

5. Truecaller

Another great app, this app comes to be really useful in day to day lives. The best thing Truecaller does is that it helps you identify phone numbers and tell you it's location and the person's name who called you, you also get more information in many cases like the person's email or it tells you if it is a spam call or a fraud call. It will also help you report the phone number as spam so other people know about it too using the app. There are many more features!

 6. Clipboard++ and other Copy/Pasting apps (Clipboard Management)

This app is very useful and is a productivity app which helps you copy and paste information at ease. Like if you do work that requires cutting and pasting text then you can use Clipboard apps to manage different texts and copy and paste and edit instantly. It saves your time.

7. Some Best News & Trend Apps

- Apple News
- BBC News
- CNN News
- Google News
- Reddit 
- Microsoft News
- Buzzfeed 

8. Best Cloud Storage Apps

- Google Drive
- Microsoft OneDrive
- Dropbox

9. Best Movie and Shows Streaming Apps

- Netflix
- Amazon Prime
- Sony Crackle 
- Tubi
- Viewster
- SnagFilms 

10. Uber (For Rides To Desired Place) and Uber Eats (For Food Delivery)


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