Some Best Android & iPhone iOS Games to Play in June 2019

Some Best Android & iPhone iOS Games to Play in June 2019

I decided to do another post on smartphone games both for Android & iOS. I am not repeating the games I had mentioned in my last post but list some new games. You can read the last games post here. So yeah, let's start (Remember that the games are not listed based on their rankings).

1. Assassin's Creed Rebellion for iOS/Android

Ubisoft brought the Assassin's Creed adventure of Ezio trilogy to the smartphones. The smartphone version too is based on the main AC games where you unite your Assassins and fight off Templars protecting your fortress and place but in the smartphone style. There are more than 40 characters and you train your assassins as you level up and upgrade them to fight more powerful Templars. There are a lot of things to do in the game, try it yourself!

2. WWE Universe for iOS/Android

This game brings the WWE universe experience to your smartphones. You can choose any superstar from any WWE generation and fight against the opponents with a lot of fighting moves and styles like the WWE itself. There is also a PvP mode so you can play against the world and with your friends. There are many things to do in the game like training your superstars, joining and making clubs, lots of challenges and things to do. The graphics are pretty great too and is a great wrestling game you should try!

3. Idle Island for iOS/Android

This is a city building tycoon game where you build your own city on your own private island, grow businesses and places, upgrade them, earn cash, build more stuff, and manage the business tycoon. This game is very fun to play and is similar to the City Building games we see in the PC. There's also one cool feature, you can see your game city in AR mode if your device supports it, so yeah you will be able to see your city in real life through AR. Get the game and grow your empire!

4. LifeAfter for iOS/Android

This is a survival game based on a post virus apocalyptic world. You fight off monsters (technically like zombies) that have taken control over the world by the virus and survive through it with your allies. There are a lot of weapons and loots to choose from and you will find other survivors around the world who may attack you for loot so you will have to be careful from them too. This is a complete open world game with great graphics too!

5. Era of Legends for iOS/Android

This is a MMORPG game based on smartphones and is another very fun to play game. This game takes you to an ultimate adventure where you do quests, fight off monsters, collect loot, level up, do PvP, meet other players and much more. This game is kind of like World of Warcraft.

6. Fishing Life for iOS/Android

This is a very calm and relaxing game with eye candy graphics. Enjoy fishing in the sea with smooth controls while listening to the sound of it. You will fall in love with this game seeing how relaxing it is. I don't have much to say on this, just try it yourself! 


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