Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus - New Leaks & Pictures

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus - New Leaks & Pictures - Samsung's upcoming Galaxy Note 10 Plus will most likely be released in August 2019 and a lot of leaks and renders have been surfing online and leaks about it's specifications and designs. Samsung's Galaxy S10 was a very great smartphone and it was revolutionary in terms of smartphone specs and design. Now Galaxy Note 10 will take it's place in the best smartphone by Samsung.

Here are some leaked pictures of this smartphone:

It was earlier reported that Samsung will make some design changes in it's Galaxy Note 10 line and it's most likely to happen after all the recent leaks. As you can see in the picture above, that there is a single punch-hole in the smartphone screen for housing camera. In Galaxy S10 Plus there were two cameras in the front screen with punch-hole but it looks like Galaxy Note 10 Plus will do the same or better job in single punch-hole in the screen. 

The screen will be bigger than before, most likely to be around 6.7 inches. The bezels are also very thin when compared to previous released smartphones. Thinner bezels and larger screen is very great! 

Other thing that were around the leaks were that there will be 4 cameras in the Galaxy Note 10. Also they will be placed vertically instead of horizontally. Samsung Galaxy Note 9 had two cameras placed horizontally. So yes there will be a major camera updated which is another great news and the camera will be better than the Galaxy S10 Plus. Galaxy S10 Plus had three camera lenses in the back. 

The S pen will also have an upgrade. Oh and the leaks also tell that three will be three phones in the Galaxy Note 10 line. They will most likely be Galaxy Note 10, Galaxy Note 10 Plus and a cheaper version of Galaxy Note 10. This will be kind of similar to what Samsung did with the Galaxy S10 line. 

Some people weren't happy with Galaxy Note 10 having vertically placed cameras instead of horizontally calling it a bad design idea. Let's see if there minds change when it releases and shows us what it actually does. 

Samsung has told that they will reveal Note 10 line on August 7, 2019. There was another rumor that Samsung will finally remove the headphone jack but let's hope the rumors are wrong and it doesn't happen haha. 

That's it for now! 


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