PS5 & Xbox Project Scarlett are not Innovative & Kind of Similar - Gaming Consoles of 2020

Microsoft's next generation gaming console was announced at E3 2019 named Project Scarlett. It was in the news earlier than Sony is working hard too to bring their next generation gaming console by 2020. But Sony wasn't present at E3 2019 or reveal anything about their coming gaming console.

Playstation 5 is the successor of PS4 (Playstation 4) and Xbox Project Scarlett of Xbox One. Both are some really amazing gaming consoles and many amazing games have released on them offering great gaming experience. However, the head of the Platinum Games studio head Atsushi Inaba aren't really that excited for these new consoles. He thinks that they aren't very innovative for a next gen-console. He also says that both the consoles are similar in terms of performance and experience.

The best thing about these consoles are that the loading times we experience while playing games will be very much reduced, almost like not waiting at all. Thanks to the new technology and upgrade and the SSD. Microsoft Xbox said that Project Scarlett will be 8x times better than the Xbox One X. Also offering 8k resolution gaming and up to 120fps in games which is pretty great and we can expect the same or very much similar with the PS5.

While Ubisoft says that these new consoles are a Major leap from the previous ones. They say that they are really powerful but not innovative. We can expect these upcoming consoles to get better with time offering greater speeds and power till they finally release. We still don't know when Sony will give information about the PS5. Many people think that they will soon reveal their new console, hopefully with an announcement trailer like Project Scarlett. Then we will know the difference between PS5 and Project Scarlett.

Personally I wanted these new consoles to give more possibilities with the Virtual Reality gaming. I think VR gaming is really the future of the gaming industry and these companies should really take their consoles to the next level offering better gaming experiences.

We can expect both these consoles to come out in 2020. 


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