Project Scarlett Announced at E3 2019 XBOX Conference - XBOX TWO New Console 2020 & More!

Project Scarlett Announced at E3 2019 XBOX Conference - XBOX TWO New Console 2020

Earlier it was in the news that Xbox will announce something huge this E3 2019 and it's finally announced. Microsoft has finally announced their new next generation console (Xbox Two) this E3 2019 conference and that it will be released some time in Holiday 2020, most likely in Summer. Currently it has been code named Project Scarlett and the final name hasn't decided yet, also the announcement mainly consisted on how greatly this new next generation console will be improved. PS5 is also in development but they have decided to not reveal anything officially this E3 2019. Xbox did it early!

You can watch the official reveal video here

As it is the next generation console, it is very much powerful than it's predecessor console Xbox One (and their models Xbox One S and Xbox One X). The exact specifications aren't announced yet but this new console is capable of running video games in 8K resolution, that's twice the resolution and detail of 4K with up to 120 FPS (frame rates per second). That's ultra smooth gaming now! It will also feature next generation SSD in the console, imagine SSD running in consoles! In the reveal video, it's said that the loading screen times in video games will be now a thing of the past, games will load within the snap of fingers with much more detail. The design of the console is kept a secret for now but we will get to see that soon.

So yeah the confirmed things are: 8K resolution, 120 FPS gaming, SSD which is 40x times faster than previous consoles, native resolution of 4k 60 fps and it will release next year in holidays (summer). It's Xbox most powerful console ever! .It will use a custom designed CPU based on AMD's Zen 2. It will also feature GDDR6 RAM which is very much powerful than the previous RAMs we see in current generation consoles, offering over all console performance 4 times faster than the Xbox One X which is already a beast in every way.

Also Halo Infinite will launch along with this new console, it's obviously the officially confirmed game that will release with Project Scarlett. It's rumored that Sony will also reveal their Sony Playstation 5 (PS5) console very soon but not in E3 2019.

Google in March also introduced a new gaming service called Google Stadia which will allow gamers to stream games on the Internet like we stream movies on Netflix. Both Microsoft and Sony have invested and partnered with Google on this new upcoming service and we will get to see a lot of games there. The best part about streaming games is that you don't even need a console to play the games, it all will be streamed through the internet. 


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