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Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus - New Leaks & Pictures

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus - New Leaks & Pictures - Samsung's upcoming Galaxy Note 10 Plus will most likely be released in August 2019 and a lot of leaks and renders have been surfing online and leaks about it's specifications and designs. Samsung's Galaxy S10 was a very great smartphone and it was revolutionary in terms of smartphone specs and design. Now Galaxy Note 10 will take it's place in the best smartphone by Samsung.

Here are some leaked pictures of this smartphone:

It was earlier reported that Samsung will make some design changes in it's Galaxy Note 10 line and it's most likely to happen after all the recent leaks. As you can see in the picture above, that there is a single punch-hole in the smartphone screen for housing camera. In Galaxy S10 Plus there were two cameras in the front screen with punch-hole but it looks like Galaxy Note 10 Plus will do the same or better job in single punch-hole in the screen. 
The screen will be bigger than befo…

Virtual Reality Gaming - Everything you need to know about VR Gaming

I really love thinking about the future, how the world's technology will be like after decades and more. I look forward to Virtual Reality and it's integration with gaming. VR is the future of gaming and it's going to be really fascinating. The idea of fully immersing ourselves into the virtual world of games is really amazing and it just blows my mind.

It's 2019 and the progress in VR is going great, we already have amazing VR technology for gaming like the Oculus Rift VR and HTC Vive. These are some best VR headsets available in the market right now and it's getting better every year. Currently the Oculus Rift is considered the best VR headset with other features. Even now you can play really great games using these VR technologies. There are many other headsets too which are cheaper and can be used with a smartphone. Like Samsung's Gear VR and Google Cardboard. Many replicas of the Google Cardboard already exists in the market but they aren't that great…

PS5 & Xbox Project Scarlett are not Innovative & Kind of Similar - Gaming Consoles of 2020

Microsoft's next generation gaming console was announced at E3 2019 named Project Scarlett. It was in the news earlier than Sony is working hard too to bring their next generation gaming console by 2020. But Sony wasn't present at E3 2019 or reveal anything about their coming gaming console.

Playstation 5 is the successor of PS4 (Playstation 4) and Xbox Project Scarlett of Xbox One. Both are some really amazing gaming consoles and many amazing games have released on them offering great gaming experience. However, the head of the Platinum Games studio head Atsushi Inaba aren't really that excited for these new consoles. He thinks that they aren't very innovative for a next gen-console. He also says that both the consoles are similar in terms of performance and experience.

The best thing about these consoles are that the loading times we experience while playing games will be very much reduced, almost like not waiting at all. Thanks to the new technology and upgrade and…

Using iPhone 7 in 2019 - Is it still worth to buy iPhone 7 in 2019 and Use?

Apple's iPhone 7 was announced and released way back in September, 2016 and became one of the best selling iPhone by Apple. It's more than 2 years now since iPhone 7 was out to the consumer marker, so some of you might be wondering if it's still cool to use this great smartphone in 2019? Personally I myself am an iPhone 7 user, I got it way back in early 2017 and since then it has been my daily driver and primary smartphone. It's June, 2019 now and many new iPhones have released in the market, the new iPhone being iPhone XS & iPhone XS Max. But yeah, both iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max are really expensive phones.

Let's first talk about the basic specifications of this iPhone. This smartphone comes with 2gb of RAM, powered by A10 Fusion chip (processor). It comes with 12MP primary camera and 7MP front facing camera. It has an Apple Retina HD display with 4.7-inch LCD screen. It has 1960 mAh battery and Apple says it lasts 2 hours more than the iPhone 6S.


Apple's iPhone 11 - Latest News & Leaks! (iPhone XI)

This is Everything we know about iPhone 11. It's been months since iPhone 11 leaks started spreading with more and more details and there are a lot of leaks & rumors now. I am gonna cover some of the most important and controversial leaks of the upcoming flagship smartphone from Apple. I will be covering it in points so let's start:

1. In 2019, Apple will release 3 iPhones. They will be iPhone 11, iPhone 11S/iPhone 11 Max & iPhone XR2/11R. According to most of the leaks from the most trusted sites these are the iPhone 11 variants that will release. iPhone 11's size will be identical to iPhone XS and iPhone X, iPhone 11 Max size will be identical to iPhone XS Max & iPhone 11R with iPhone XR. The most premium and highest smartphone variant will be the bigger one which is iPhone 11 Max and the cheapest will be iPhone 11R.

2. iPhone 11 & iPhone 11 Max will feature a new camera design with a square camera bump supporting 3 different camera lenses. This is to up…

Some Best Android & iPhone iOS Games to Play in June 2019

Some Best Android & iPhone iOS Games to Play in June 2019

I decided to do another post on smartphone games both for Android & iOS. I am not repeating the games I had mentioned in my last post but list some new games. You can read the last games posthere. So yeah, let's start (Remember that the games are not listed based on their rankings).

1. Assassin's Creed Rebellion for iOS/Android

Ubisoft brought the Assassin's Creed adventure of Ezio trilogy to the smartphones. The smartphone version too is based on the main AC games where you unite your Assassins and fight off Templars protecting your fortress and place but in the smartphone style. There are more than 40 characters and you train your assassins as you level up and upgrade them to fight more powerful Templars. There are a lot of things to do in the game, try it yourself!

2. WWE Universe for iOS/Android

This game brings the WWE universe experience to your smartphones. You can choose any superstar from any WWE gen…

Some Best Apps for iPhone, iPad and Android Phones To Get! June 2019

Some Best Apps for iPhone, iPad and Android Phones To Get! June 2019

It's June 2019 and we've been much closer to our smartphones than ever before. I have listed below some really amazing apps that I personally use and find great for day-to-day lives. You may know about some or maybe already using them but check it out! I've also given a little information about the App listed so it will help you :)

1. Adobe Lightroom / VSCO / PicsArt

These are some my favorite editing apps for photos we take in our smartphones or edit out an existing photo. All the three apps are amazing in their own way, you can edit a lot of things in your photos and apply hundreds of different filters in your photos. Adobe Lightroom is mainly a professional photo editing app, VSCO is also photo editing app with amazing filters and options and in PicsArt you can do more with your photos, it's like the Photoshop version of smartphones but much easier to use.

2. Quora

Quora is personally my favorite ap…

Marvel's Avengers Game Finally Revealed at E3 2019 with TRAILER & MORE!

Marvel's Avengers Game Finally Revealed at E3 2019 with TRAILER & MORE!

Marvel very first announced the Avengers game project about 2 years ago with an announcement trailer. It was in the news that Marvel will finally showcase their game during the E3 2019 event. It's named Avengers: A-Day and finally the Earth's mightiest heroes return in their own very game. Fans were very excited and finally the game trailer was revealed.

Watch the official game trailer here. 

It is set to release on May 15, 2020 for Playstation 4, XBOX One, PC and Google Stadia (their new game streaming service that will be out soon). The main characters we are having in the game are: Captain America, Thor, Iron Man, Black Widow and Hulk. Sadly they didn't showed if Hawkeye or Ronin is in the game or not, in fact while announcing the game with the trailer fans shouted asking where is Hawkeye but no answer for now. You may have already guessed or know that our very own Marvel Cinematic Character…

Project Scarlett Announced at E3 2019 XBOX Conference - XBOX TWO New Console 2020 & More!

Project Scarlett Announced at E3 2019 XBOX Conference - XBOX TWO New Console 2020

Earlier it was in the news that Xbox will announce something huge this E3 2019 and it's finally announced. Microsoft has finally announced their new next generation console (Xbox Two) this E3 2019 conference and that it will be released some time in Holiday 2020, most likely in Summer. Currently it has been code named Project Scarlett and the final name hasn't decided yet, also the announcement mainly consisted on how greatly this new next generation console will be improved. PS5 is also in development but they have decided to not reveal anything officially this E3 2019. Xbox did it early!

You can watch the official reveal video here

As it is the next generation console, it is very much powerful than it's predecessor console Xbox One (and their models Xbox One S and Xbox One X). The exact specifications aren't announced yet but this new console is capable of running video games in 8K res…