Want Immortality? You Could Have It In This Century Or Let's Say As Soon As 2050!

Want Immortality? You Could Have It In This Century Or Let's Say As Soon As 2050!

It's no fiction, but soon it is going to be a reality. I have posted quite a lot content only focusing on smartphones and other consumer products but since this blog is all about technology, I would love to include more out of it. Share this with your friends if you like it!

At every point of time, there are hundreds or even thousands of scientists and researches working on how they can develop technology that could make us simply not die by any natural cause. Billions of dollars are being spent in medical technology to make something that could reverse the aging of cells or replacing our organs with technology or simply the cure of life threatening diseases.

Well there are some Futurists claiming that soon enough we will discover and make the technology that would simply not let us die, and one of them named Dr. Ian  Pearson says that we can achieve it as soon as by 2050 which is 31 years away to be precise. That's not really a lot and well if you are in your teen age then you will live up to that point easily, until something tragic happens. Oh no, let's not really talk about it. But yeah, the technology that will help us to achieve that is in progress.

There are various methods by which we can achieve this and the most simple one is that we could simply replace our body parts and kind of be a Cyborg. If you are into science fiction then you may know what is a Cyborg. Cyborg is basically mixture of a biological being combined with technology. Like some of your organs being biological and some with machines. You are half human and half machine. The better term to describe this type of immortality may be electronic immortality.

There's one popular method and it's that first developing a very high tech advanced robotic body and uploading our brain's consciousness into that robotic body. Now robots can't age and we basically get to not die by any natural cause. If in case our machinery part gets damaged, we can simply repair it and we get to have any kind of body we want, we just simply need to transfer the consciousness to the other body. It would be like getting a new life.

Another popular method is that instead of transferring our consciousness to some Android body, we could simply transfer it to some virtual world as it's quite risky being in our current world, we can get hit by a bus or a car and then boom. Sorry for scaring you but living in a virtual simulation might just be the solution. You can live in any kind of world you want, created virtually. You could be a god in your own world! Personally, this is the best type of immortality experience you can get, I think this is the real future we are heading to. All this may sound really science fiction type but it will soon become a reality. Thanks to all the amazing people working on it to make it a reality.

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