Virtual Reality (VR) and AR (Augmented Reality) Will Change The World & Our Future

Virtual Reality (VR) and AR (Augmented Reality) Will Change The World

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality is gonna reshape our future and the upcoming generation of technology and it's consumers. Statistics tell that VR industry will grow from $6.1 billion in 2016 to $197 billion by 2022. We are already in 2019 and halfway and 2022 is only a couple of years away. We have already seen massive growth and development in VR tech and how it's gonna bring a revolution in how we use and interact with technology. Not only for gaming but it will be used in various industries, businesses, real estate, in medical care and much more!

There will be a time in future when almost every working organization will be using VR/AR tech to do and run their work operations. This is the future and it's gonna be revolutionary.

Hundreds of large companies are already working to improve this technology and to implement in their practical day to day life and work. Some to name are: Google, Microsoft, Facebook, big names you know!

The main difference between VR and AR is that in virtual reality we interact with a virtual world, out of our reality and in AR we bring virtual worlds and it's materials in our reality. They are quite inter-related with each other and we will see improvements in both the technology.

Imagine a future where instead of ads we see on the internet and in billboards and media, they become a part of our lives. This may sound a little weirdy but that's the future. We will be interacting with ads in such a way, we won't even think of them as advertisements. Businesses will earn a lot of profit from them and the media will benefit. Take an example, like when you want to buy a house the real estate person shows you models or maybe gives you a house tour but what if you could virtually interact with that house, design it as you like virtually, place furniture, even modify the building as you like and play with it like a game. That sounds fun right? This will soon become a reality.

Or with AR you could place stuff here and around in real world, virtually created in real world and do whatever you like with it. There are infinite possibilities with what we can do with this technology. Imagine before buying a t shirt and a pair of jeans from online, you could actually virtually try it on yourself and see how it looks, and then buy it?

You could get yourself into a virtual world of your choice and be whatever, do whatever and go wherever you want. You could become a king in your own world, fight monsters like a super hero and just imagine virtually immersing yourself in the game. Want to go on a tour on Mars, Moon or even an alien planet full of aliens and their civilization? VR may be the solution.

Sure, you guessed it right. Gaming industry will have a massive growth and we will be seeing a lot of virtual reality games.

Simulations will benefit from it, medical industry will benefit, e-commerce industry will benefit and there are hundreds others who will be using VR and AR tech in the future and benefit.

Imagine watching movies in the future where you are a part of the movie or your favorite show in the future. I can seriously list hundreds or even thousands of things we will be getting in the future. It's all years away. Can you imagine how powerful and developed this technology will be after next 50 years or 100 years?

According to a research, new VR technologies will most likely reduce children post surgical anxiety and pain issues. VR will also be used in meditations and to reduce stress. I see a very bright future ahead!

You most probably know about VR headsets like the Samsung Gear, Oculus Rift, and other headsets which gives you a tour of VR, well we won't be needing these huge headsets in the future, they can get very small and it would be like wearing nothing but experiencing the world of VR and AR.

For now, this technology needs a lot of development and improvements before it can be implemented in every activity of our day to day lives. Some say that the future is very dark, what do you think?
I am PrO_RaZe and I hope you enjoyed reading, share and support :)


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