United States Banned Huawei Phones and Now China May Ban Apple iPhones

United States Banned Huawei Products and Now China May Ban Apple Products

You may already know that recently the United States banned Chinese smartphones & accessories manufacturer Huawei because they were possessing some things which the US government didn't liked. Let me simply tell you why it was banned.

Huawei is the number 1 telecom supplier and number 2 smartphone manufacturer. Then why it was banned? It's because the US government had concerns about Huawei secretly in collaboration with the Chinese government in spying on countries, companies and it's people. US claimed that the company is secretly monitoring various companies in the country and sending the data to the Chinese government which became a major concern and ran Huawei into the biggest trouble of 2019. US has informed all the major companies to not partner up with Huawei in any way. This definitely hurt Huawei and China. Huawei said that US is underestimating the company but the US is most likely to stay on the ban.

This hurt the sales of Huawei in the US market but the company is still doing great globally and it stays at the top making 50% growth in the mobile sales. It was not like that China would not reply to the US regarding the smartphone giant ban. In fact China is now thinking to totally ban the Apple products in China and their production lines that are set up in the country. Now this may really hurt Apple and it's sales as if China really bans Apple, Apple's revenue may drop by 29 percent which is a major loss for Apple. China accounts for around 20 percent of the market for Apple alone and banning Apple from the country will result in major loss of revenue for the company, also banning the production lines will hurt the production of iPhones and other products.

Recently Google stopped Huawei from getting software updates. It was also in the news that Huawei/China may be developing their own version of Playstore and it's apps. 

This will also hurt China in the other way causing unemployment and loss of country's revenue from it. Till now, nothing has been confirmed regarding China banning Apple but we will see what will happen. The two countries currently are on trade war with each other.  However in a way if China does ban Apple. This will force Apple to set up manufacturing plants and factories of Apple in India and for India this may be a good news and also for the Indian people. Panasonic has also joined the US in barring Huawei. Let's see what happens after!


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