These are the Technology Predictions For The Upcoming 20 Years! To Year 2040

These are the Technology Predictions For The Upcoming 20 Years!

The overall development and growth of the technology is constantly rising at a very high speed. 20 years ago the world was very much different than what it is now, now the world is controlled by computers, internet, smart-phones and much more!

A very large majority of the people living in the world is interacting with technology in one or the other way and in the next 20 years, the world will be much different than what it is now. Constant development is happening in the field of technology and there are a lot of predictions on what the future might be, here I have listed some and I hope you would love them!

1. Let's talk about Smartphones first. According to a research and it's statistics, about 2.5 billion people are currently using Smartphones in the world. This number is expected to hit 3.5 billion people by 2021 and within the next 20 years, you can say almost everyone will be having a smartphone device in their hands.

2. We are already seeing Smartphones going almost bezel-less like the Samsung Galaxy S10 and iPhone XS (Well it has a controversial notch). In the next 20 years, we can expect that the smartphones will go completely bezel-less and will be much powerful than the smartphones we have today. You can say that Apple will have smartphones without notches or bezels and it will feel like a glass in hand.

3. Voice recognition technology will be so much powerful that we will be talking to technology very smoothly in our day to day lives and they will start understanding us very nicely than what they do currently. This technology will be available in multiple languages and the AI technology behind them will be greatly improved. It will feel like talking to JARVIS from the Iron Man movies. AI will even start understanding our emotions and reply in a more human-like manner.

4. The richest person in the world will most likely be Elon Musk because of his current startups and the companies he runs which all lead to him be very successful in the future. I mean this guy owns Tesla, SpaceX, Neurolink, Boring Company, a company related to harnessing Solar energy and so more! They all contribute to the future.

5. Elon Musk's dream will most likely be come true, sending people to Mars in between 2030-2040. US will be the first country to send people on Mars safely.

6. Driver-less automated Cars will be quite common on the roads, particularly in developed countries. These vehicles will not run on gas but on electricity (electric cars). Electric non-automated cars will be common too.

7. In the field of Agriculture, Robots will start taking place of humans in doing the hard labor work and humans will control the robots to do many work. We will have more better ways to grow, manage and harvest the crops. Advanced fertilizers will be used and crops will yield in a very high quality.

8. The Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) will be very powerful and developed than what it is now today. We will be seeing this technology implemented in the field of Education, Hospitals, Entertainment and other Organizations and Business. We will understand complex topics more easily with the help of these technologies and find more innovative ways to benefit the society.

9. VR/AR technology will also replace movie theaters and many fields of Entertainment. Gaming in the future will be more addicting because we will be virtually connected to it.

10. Internet speeds will be very high in the future and almost every person in the world will have access to the Internet. The lives of people will be highly dependent on it. It is estimated that by only 2020 over 5 billion people will have connected to the Internet. Internet access will be completely wireless.

11. Robots will do a lot of hard work that currently humans do and will replace humans in a lot of fields. There may be a huge initiative where Robots plant trees for us on all the required areas and help clean the polluted places. We will probably find a way by next 20 years to decompose plastic and how to reverse the damage we have done on the Environment.

12. Python will be the leading computer language and will be widely used to program AI, Robotics and other technological gadgets and machinery.

13. We will have discovered the cure of many diseases and particularly Cancer. The Medical Industry will boom at a very high rate and human life expectancy will be much higher than what it is now today. Medical services will be cheaper too.

14. Developing countries will grow much faster than the Developed countries (obvious isn't it?)

15. Home automation technology will be more common. More people will have solar panels on their home so that they can generate electricity from the Solar energy. It will be more common all around the world offering renewable sources of energy.

16. 5G Internet Technology will be very much common all around the world offering 10x speeds than what it is now.

17. Companies like Amazon, Ebay, Alibaba etc. will have drone delivery services.

18. 3D Printing technology will be more developed and will be used in printing many things, like even constructing a house or a building.

If you want to know more about the future, you should watch the Netflix show Black Mirror. It will also tell you some dangers of the future. Oh and maybe I will write more about them. For now, that's it and I hope you enjoyed. The future is great!


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