Samsung Galaxy Note 10 - Design & Recent Leaks News

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 - Design & Recent Leaks News

Samsung has did a really fantastic job with the release of Samsung Galaxy S10, S10E & S10 Plus smartphones. It will be safe to say that Galaxy S10 is the best smartphone series of the entire smart-phones market, particularly among android phones. It is a smartphone close to perfect for our current times and it's gonna get even better with the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 10. Yes it's coming and way sooner than you think!

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is most likely to be announced this August, 2019 and could go for sale the end of August or early September. Some sources say it could be announced even earlier, which is July 2019. It's gonna be Samsung's most powerful smartphone with all the great features and the new ones that will be come, it will be superior in every possible way for our current generation. I will be listing some of the leaks & designs of this upcoming smartphone.

* Galaxy Note 10 will probably have a design change when compared to Galaxy S10 Plus and Note 9. According to all the design leaks, PhoneArena rendered how the smartphone may look like, take a look for yourself!

* So in the picture you can see that the camera setup for Note 10 will be vertical instead of horizontal, some people consider this as a ugly design for the smartphone's back and they prefer horizontal setup. The reason behind why Samsung is doing this is to save up space for the smartphone for other parts and as Note 10 will be having 4 cameras, it will take up more space and it won't fit up horizontally. 

* Talking about the front screen, it is almost bezel-less with curved display. The phone has very thin bezels which will look more pretty and futuristic. Another design change that can be noticed is that it has a front facing camera at the center of the screen instead at the right side like Galaxy S10 Plus. Some people aren't liking this change but according to the leaks Samsung will most likely keep this. 

* This smartphone is most likely to have a 4300mAh battery and it's huge so obviously it will take up more space, not allowing the camera setup to be in horizontal shape. There are other numerous things that are not allowing the camera to be horizontal. 

* The camera will be more better than the Galaxy S10, it will be more powerful with 4 camera lenses and will produce much sharper and nicer photos. It will rival with Huawei P30 Pro very well and may even beat it. 

* Many smartphone manufacturing companies like Oppo, Huawei, Honor, Apple, Oneplus etc. are stepping up their camera game with new design changes and better lenses, Samsung is trying their best to keep up with it. It's in news that Note 10 will be capable of offering zoom up to 5x. That's 5x Optical Zoom and it's great! 

* Battery backup of Note 10 will be improved and extended, many users reported that in the Exynos version of Samsung Galaxy S10 & S10 Plus. People were having battery and speed issues as Snapdragon variant was more powerful and better. Samsung will be fixing this with Note 10, well most likely. The Exynos version was also getting heat up very quickly while playing games and running heavy apps creating problems. 

* The S pen will also get an upgrade but till now it's not sure what kind of upgrade. Well you can be sure that Note 10 will be getting tons of upgrades and new features. 

* Oh and the new Galaxy Note 10 will be supporting 50W of charging and that's really fast! Let me simply tell you how fast it is, currently Galaxy S10 & Galaxy S10 Plus supports only 15W of fast charging. 

Here are some more concept designs from PHONEARENA:


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