Is it true that the USA is lagging behind China in terms of technology?

Is it true that USA is lagging behind China in terms of technology?

It's well known that the United States is the superpower of the world and is one of the most successful countries of the world. But in recent years, USA has started lagging in terms of development of technology and infrastructure. Particularly with China which is constantly proving to be the next superpower of the world.

United States comes in the category of developed countries but you may not know that China, being the second most powerful in economy and third in military is a developing country. Despite all this, the technological development in this country is booming at a very high rate, taking United States and other countries behind soon. I will list down some facts you may not know about China!

There are more than hundreds of cities in China that are way ahead in technology and infrastructure than the United States. Bengt Lindvall who is a traveler and toured a lot of Chinese cities observed that payment systems in the cities are almost all cashless and at many places. The traffic system is pretty great that runs on AI and have booming industries.

China is the country where you will find internet connections of 2,000Mb/s quite common which are far ahead than the USA if you compare it by places. According to a study, it's showed that 7 in 10 broadband users in China receives internet speed of 50Mb/s and higher which is really mind blowing.
Talking about the United States, the average internet speed users get is 18.7Mb/s. Now you know how far China is in terms of internet technology and we all know that how important Internet is in our day to day lives.

Like the Amazon and Ebay in USA, China's biggest online retailers are Alibaba and Aliexpress that offer same day delivery in hundreds of cities and shipping over millions of products per day which is way more developed than the USA.

Material recycling technology is also way ahead which is very important in today's generation because of the climate change and increasing Global Warming conditions. China is focusing on how they should recycle the wastes that are generated from industries and is doing pretty well.

Talking about the Public Transportation System, man it is so developed in China that it will definitely blow your mind if you get to experience it. The high speed train systems in China are very much developed and there are many driver-less subways going around in China. Bullet Trains can go as fast as 350 km/h (217 mph) connecting many cities.

The Buses that run on the street are steered by GPS systems that run on narrow lines offering maximum safety to the people and there are touch payment systems. Basically you touch it, pay and that's it you paid the fee for travelling.

I mostly talked about the infrastructure in China. We already know how huge is the economy of China and how rapidly it's increasing. Technological advancements in the country is great too. There are hundreds of companies constantly researching, innovating and developing new ways to make our life easier and make the already available technology cheaper so that more people can have access to it. It's a fact that some of the most cheapest technological gadgets come from the China.

China is rapidly developing and improving the Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality technology with Artificial Intelligence. In robotics sector, China is very competitive with the USA and other countries. China tech industry is catching up with the Silicon Valley.

All this happens in a country that is not even democratic but communist. Imagine if it had the government system like the United States.

It's a fact that for every 1 STEM graduate that is in USA, China has 10. STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. It's an educational curriculum for the scientific and technological study and development.

Hundreds of large brands originated from the US already has been investing in China for their income and growth. It's because of the opportunities that China provides.

It's also no doubt that USA is the largest in terms of technological and scientific development (so far) but soon it will be taken out. It's the truth.


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