iOS 13 - New Leaks Reveal Dark Mode & New Features to iPhone iOS 13

iOS 13 - New Leaks Reveal Dark Mode & New Features to iPhone iOS 13

iOS 13 is on it's way to iPhones, Mac, iPad & More. Recently there have been new leaks related to iOS 13. It will be officially revealed during WWDC taking place from June 3 to June 7. Apple every year participates in it showing off new features & tech. Every year leaks are out earlier too and this year is no exception, thanks to 9to5Mac for revealing the leak. iOS 13 will be officially getting the most awaited dark mode feature to it's device apps. It will change the look of many iPhone apps in the dark mode theme. Many websites, apps, devices have been implementing Dark Mode to make users using the device more comfortable with the dark theme and to their eyes


There have been leaks about the improved control center, better multi-tasking, new updated apps and the synchronization of those apps. There have been concept designs too released based on the recent leaks of iOs 13. I will be sharing the screens of it below.

The source for these images below is here

 These concept images shows the reach-ibility of fingers while using iPhone and how it's taken care with the new iOS 13 with better positioning of various functions.

New buttons for specific functions will be introduced and new integration. 

iPhone's home will get a new design with integration of new and improved widgets and you will be able to customize them according to your needs. With new Swipe Up, Swipe left gestures for functions like checking missed notifications and for applications. 

Many users have complained about the volume HUD or indicator that comes in between the screen when used and interrupts what is being displayed, like a video. This will be fixed with iOS 13. You will be able to change Bluetooth and Wi-Fi settings directly from the control center. New Animojis will be added, good for those who like the feature. And as mentioned before, default iPhone apps will get updated with new design and features.

Note that the above screenshots are based on leaks and they are concept images, not real.


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