Huawei To Release it's own OS - Might be named ARK OS - After Huawei Ban

Huawei To Release it's own OS - Might be named ARK OS - After Huawei Ban

Recently, the US government ordered companies to take down Huawei products from there store and connections because of the Chinese government monitoring on people and companies through Huawei smartphones. It was found out by agencies that Huawei is using their products (in co-ordination with the Chinese government) to spy on organisations and it's people which was a major concern and led to the ban of Huawei. Since then many huge companies removed their connections with Huawei. Like Google taking down Android license from Huawei, Microsoft removing Huawei laptops from their store, and other companies suspended their business with Huawei after the ban.


Huawei obviously faced major loss for it's products and for the future of the company, being the second world's largest smartphone manufacturing company. The ban will most likely will not be lifted in any case so Huawei decided to find a solution for this. They have been working on their new Operating System in these months and their own parts so that they can make their products and run them without the help of the companies that revoked business with Huawei. The OS will be alternative to Android operating system for their phones and may be named ARK OS. Huawei has trademark new names for their OS. It's not confirmed yet on what the OS will be called.

It will be right to say that after this ban and the global impact on Huawei, many people will not consider to buy the products of Huawei and that's bad news for the company but they are doing their best to stay top on the market. According to Android Central's report, Huawei will release their new OS in the upcoming moth, June. That's pretty quick but they can't take up more time and face major loss for their smartphones. The report also says that they were already making their OS and it was ready January 2018 but needed more updates and other changes.

ARM company which makes processors for the smartphones also revoked their license with Huawei. Many people are thinking on how they will make future processor designs for their smartphones without ARM license, considering the company will die in the very soon future but Huawei won't give up already and is working on processors and other parts too. The US companies will not be able to help Huawei in any way now. Huawei is at it's own. Let's see how they handle the upcoming situation, and will they stay top on the android smartphones market?


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