How To Get More Followers on Pinterest & Get More Traffic! 2019

How To Get More Followers on Pinterest & Get More Traffic! 2019

This will be a quick guide on how you can increase your Pinterest followers and grow. Pinterest is one of the best social media website when it comes to promoting and marketing your content and your websites and blogs. The most advantageous feature of using Pinterest is that you can link an external website to your Pins and get traffic on it.

This is one of the best ways to have traffic on your site and also the reason why many big networks and companies prefer Pinterest to get side traffic.

I will be telling you guys based on my experience on how you can really grow on Pinterest! This will be quick and I won't be taking much time of you guys.

1. First thing you should do is converting your Pinterest account into a Business account. This will give you additional tools and analytics feature to your account and is the first step to further growth. Once you have done that, connect your social media sites and your website to your account and verify them. This will enable the analytics system on your account and you will be able to monitor your growth. It's pretty easy!

2. Create Pins and make them as much attractive as you can, sure it also depends on the niche you want to be in. Like for example my most popular Pinterest account is based on memes and I mainly pin memes in there and link my blog. Make sure you don't spam your account with many pins at once. The scheduling system I follow is that I pin 10 times at morning, 10 at afternoon-evening time and 10 at night. In total I pin 30 times a day and keep it like that. You can try your own methods and see whichever works but I recommend you to not pin too many times at once.

3. To get followers, you will have to act first. Follow accounts that have 50,000 - 100,000+ followers. Follow like 200-300 accounts like this, when you follow accounts with large following you actually get follow backs. Trust me it works! You can use the search feature and filter accounts, check the accounts that have a large following and you just follow them. You will notice that some people will start following you back in search for followers. Once you have enough followers, your pins will get pinned by them on their boards and that's how you will start growing on Pinterest.

4. Keep pinning everyday and following accounts, after a week unfollow the large following accounts and follow them again, this will keep coming followers to your accounts. This method really works!

Soon enough you will start noticing a large growth on your account.

Pinterest is a game of patience and hard work. Wait and you will see the results by yourself!
To find accounts with large following here's a tip. Use the search bar on your Pinterest account and search for accounts like DIY, Cars, Memes, Quotes and filter them by People. You will get the results of accounts with large following and you just need to follow them. 300-400 is quite sufficient, I don't recommend following too much at once. Make sure you unfollow them after a week and follow again. This worked for me and it will work for you too! Soon there will be a time when you won't be needing to do this method and you will get followers all by yourself!


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