Call of Duty Mobile is coming to iOS and Android Smartphones Soon - Here's What You Need To Know!

Call of Duty Mobile is coming to iOS and Android Soon - Here's What You Need To Know!

It's pretty awesome that the all time popular Call of Duty franchise is coming with a mobile game on your iPhone and Android devices very soon, most likely this week. After months of rumors and leaks, Activision said that they will be finally releasing the mobile beta of Call of Duty this week and the closed beta is already out. Fans are very excited about it and passes has already been distributed to the beta players. So those with a pass can enjoy the beta of Call of Duty mobile.

The closed beta of the game is now already available but it will be available to more players soon. You can sign up at Call of Duty Mobile's official website and get the chance to play next time in Beta. 

This game will be releasing to both iPhone and Android devices. It was rumored before that COD Mobile will feature gameplay like PUBG. I mean the Battle Royale mode but it's been confirmed that this game will feature 5 multiplayer game modes which is really exciting.

The full game (the non beta version) will release maybe after a few months when beta testing is completed. The 5 game modes are Team Deathmatch, Domination, Frontline, Free For All and Hardpoint mode.

Team Deathmatch, you may already know about this popular game mode we have seen in almost all multiplayer first person shooter games. There are two teams and they fight against each other, the team which has the most kills wins.

Free For All mode puts you against every other player in the game, it's the solo deathmatch game.

Hardpoint: You capture the hardpoint to earn points to win

Frontline mode makes you spawn at the teambase and you have to eliminate every player of the opposing team to win.

Domination mode is capturing and holding the positions to earn points and win.

Talking about how many players the game mode supports, it is up to 10 players or 5 versus 5 teams. Free For All mode has maximum player support of 8.

It was rumored that the Battle Royale mode will also be included in the game but till now there's no confirmation about that. Maybe it will be added in the future but it's true that Battle Royale games have been dominating for quite a while and now is slowly dying with Fortnite and PUBG. Maybe other game modes will be introduced to make the overall game feel be different.

The game will feature up to 7 maps as of now, more maps may be added later. The maps are:
* Nuketown
* Crash
* Hijacked
* Killhouse
* Standoff
* Firing Range

We have already seen these iconic maps in major COD games like Killhouse, Nuketown, Crash etc. It will be fun playing in these maps on our mobiles!

If you think there may be a single player mode, well these is not. It will be only available for the multiplayer mode and the interface will be quite similar to PUBG.

You will be able to customize your player with different types of clothes, weapons, other loadouts and stuff we have seen in other COD games.

There will be the Killstreaks feature and the more kills you have, you will be able to use advanced weapons like the UAV, Missile Strike, Drone, Sentry Gun etc. just like the old Call of Duty games.

There will be customization of controls like in PUBG so you can set it as you desire for better control over the weapons and the interface. There is Simple Mode and Advanced Mode.

The game will feature 6 characters from the Call of Duty franchise which can be further customized. They are Alex Mason, Thomos A. Merrick, David Mason, Simon Ghost Riley, John Soap MacTavish and John Price.

The game has really amazing graphics for the mobile standards and it will depend on your smartphone for how nicely you can run it and on what graphic settings.

You will be able to play with weapons like Assault Rifles, Sniper Rifles, LMGs, SMGs and Shotguns. There will be a lot of weapons featured in the game and many of them from the Call of Duty franchise we have already seen.

As said before, the closed beta of the game is already out and to be able to join, you will have to sign up and COD Mobile's official website and then wait for your chance to get entered.

Happy Mobile Gaming!


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