Artificial Intelligence - Current AI Technology, It's Future and the Godlike Super Artificial Intelligence (Singularity)

Artificial Intelligence - Current AI Technology, It's Future and How Powerful Can Machines Get?

Artificial Intelligence or AI has always been one of my favorite topics to research on. It fascinates me that how machines starts to learn and adapt to things all by themselves and evolve by it, gain more knowledge and power. The future of AI and it's impact on mankind is huge and everyone should know a bit about AI because future is based on AI machines and computers.

In simple words, AI can be defined as when machines start to get intelligence artificially, like humans and they start learning things by themselves. It's basically simulating human like intelligence in machines. But well true, right now our AI technology isn't powerful to make machines think like us, but we are working on it and within a few years we will see massive change in the thinking of machines as we develop better technologies.

Machine Learning (ML) on the other hand is when we teach the machines to perform a certain task or sets of tasks and functions. AI and Machine Learning are different things and should not be confused with. Like programming a machine to write an email to a client on itself and with the provided information. Machine Learning is a sub-part of AI

Artificial Intelligence is classified into type types:

1. Weak AI / Narrow AI
2. Strong AI or Artificial General Intelligence
3. Artificial Super Intelligence

WEAK AI: We are currently on the type 1, that is Weak AI. This type of AI is limited to only some functions or a set of few functions. The best examples of weak AI are Google Assistant, Siri, Cortana etc. these are personal assistants found in smartphones and computers. Apart from them, weak AI can be found in video games, search engines like Google, and in websites like Youtube, Amazon etc. Self driving cars, traffic controlling systems and much more. There are just a lot of things we use in day to day lives and there is AI in it, we are just not aware of it. But they are weak AI and can't do much compared to Strong AI.

STRONG AI: This one is really cool trust me, it's when machines gets intelligence like humans. Now they can think and work just like us, but actually in computing power billions or even trillions times faster than us. Like for example a Strong AI which is capable of totally simulating intelligence like a very smart doctor and can answer and analyze all problems related to health and diseases, can research on it, find cure and give solutions.A Strong AI that can run an entire company on it's own and manage all the tasks and functions.There are just too many examples of Artificial Intelligence that smart. But this does not stop here, the next type is mind blowing. If you are a fan of Marvel movies and love Iron Man. You can see Tony Stark using smart assistants like JARVIS, FRIDAY etc. They are Strong AI, currently fiction but it will soon become a reality.

ARTIFICIAL SUPER INTELLIGENCE: This one is mind blowing, it's when machines go beyond human intelligence and their intelligence is so high that humans won't even be able to comprehend or understand it. This type of AI can do anything it wants and can even manage the entire world on it's own. Find the answers to the questions that we think is impossible to answer and just do everything that we just can't understand. At this stage, think human intelligence that of a dolphin or a monkey and the intelligence of the AI beyond humans. Or like here's a better explanation, put dolphin's intelligence at 8, human intelligence at 10 and the super artificial intelligence can go beyond 1000 or even further. This type of AI is basically a God that knows almost everything, because of it's capabilities. This AI also seems totally fiction and impossible to achieve but many researchers around the world thinks this can happen when we won't even understand what machines are doing.

Many people around the world and even the great ones think that Strong AI will be humanity's last invention and that type of AI can even kill all of us or make us Gods. The reason I am saying that Strong AI will be last invention of humanity is because once the machines go beyond the intelligence of humans or at human intelligence, they will quickly evolve themselves faster and faster gaining more knowledge and intelligence. They will do everything for us and we won't have to do anything. They can find the cure of many diseases, solve world hunger, provide global world peace, revert climate change and solve global warming and much more but intelligence goes beyond that.

An AI may not be a threat to us directly but in the other way, like for example when we ask the strong AI to solve world hunger maybe it will think the best way to solve world hunger would be to kill all the humanity and there you go, nobody is hungry now. Lol this sounds weird but we just don't know how machines will start to think beyond human intelligence. That's why many large tech companies are working on creating a safe strong AI that will understand human values and us as a species, that we are it's creator and that they would never hurt us. Talking about Super AI, that goes beyond everything. Let's take an example, we want to create a building at a place, that places has lots of ants and insects living, now they the construction has to be done it will be done over that place killing all the insects. Now we didn't kill them purposely but to accomplish our goal. This can be the case. Well that's just our thinking.

So yeah we will have to be very careful on creating stronger AIs and that they always value humans. I have talked a lot of negative things about AI but that's what people are concerned about. AI can really take humanity to the next level, that seems impossible to achieve right now. AI could solve every problem that as human species we are having, it can just solve everything. AI can make humans an immortal species, we will be able to colonize different planets in space, terra-form the planets to make it habitable like the Mars. Even go beyond our solar system and at different parts of the galaxy.

Oh and the point when AI gets beyond human intelligence that we can't even understand is called Singularity.

Many people also say that a strong AI doesn't mean that it will control humans but intelligence enables control, we control animals by being smarter. What if AI gets smarter than us? There are always two sides, positive and negative.

Some people also think that Artificial Super Intelligence may be hundreds of years away but there's a very very high chance we will achieve it around 2050. Artificial General Intelligence even at lesser time, let's say a decade and a few years.

It's quite true to say is that when countries will get very advance in developing AI, they maybe can use it in the wrong way to attack other countries and control them. A virus can be created to infect the AI and use it for wrong means. Cyber terrorism is more real than you think and may increase in the future but let's hope for the best and to not let it happen.

However, Singularity is definitely the most mind blowing thing that we think will happen in the future. Just think, about 100 years ago Wright Brothers invented the first airplane and now we want to colonize Mars. Imagine what will happen after 100 years? Singularity is the burst of knowledge that machine gains that humans can't comprehend or predict the future of that intelligence and it's impact. Ray Kurzweil who have made some crazy future tech predictions and it really happened said that by 2045 machines will completely become artificial intelligent, that is the strong AI and after some point the Singularity will happen. Singularity will make machines pretty much like Godlike. There are only two possibilities after that, either global extinction or global immortality. That's one of the reasons we call Artificial General Intelligence human's last invention. Once it has surpassed the intelligence of humans, it will become 1000 or even more times than us in an hour or less and that's where the Singularity happens.. When we create an Artificial God or the Devil.

But to reach at that point, let's not let a war happen in the coming years that will kill all of us. To witness such advanced technology, we will have to work and research together and to make it safe. Then only it will be the best thing that will happen to the humanity.It will be easily humanity's greatest invention.

There are many companies that are working to create a safe AI like Facebook, Google, Apple, Amazon, Deepmind, Intel, Open AI, Microsoft, and many more huge companies. Currently they are on an AI race.

You may know about the Kardashev Scale, it's a scale of three types which tells how developed a civilization is in terms of energy consumed and harnessed. Currently we are on 0.7 level, to achieve a rating of Type 1 civilization we will have to harness all the energy of our planet. Type 2 is the stage when we harness all the energy of our Star. Type 3 civilization is the one which harnesses all the energy of an entire galaxy. A strong AI or Super AI can help us get our civilization up on the scale much quickly. It will be able to help us construct super massive structures like the Dyson sphere which will cover the entire Sun and get all it's energy, making it in the usable form. This is only one example, seriously the future is very amazing and I hope you, and I will live long enough to witness the rise of technology. The future is either very dark or very great, beyond our thinking. For now, let's enjoy the technologies we have today!

Thanks for reading,
- Arpit Chaudhary (PrO_RaZe)


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