Apple iPhone 11 - 3D Touch Feature May Be Removed from 2019 iPhones & More News!

Apple iPhone 11 - 3D Touch Feature May Be Removed from 2019 iPhones

It looks like that 2019 is going to be a bad year for iPhone. Almost all leaks that are being revealed is being negative in some way. Now the recent leak tells that Apple may remove it's classic iPhone feature introduced way back in 2015 with iPhone 6S which was the 3D touch feature. It's a pretty bad thing as many users are used to use this feature. With 3D touch, users can use multiple functions by the pressure of fingers on the screen, In iPhone XR, this was replaced by the Haptic and that feature is not pressure sensitive. You just press the screen long enough to use the side function, 3D touch works differently by fingers pressure.

On the other news, it's most likely that Apple will keep the ugly design that has been in the news for several months. iPhone 11 will have triple camera setup and that will create a massive square camera bump on the screen that looks pretty ugly and has mainly negative opinions. Apple may again increase the price of iPhones in 2019 as they are doing every year with new launch of iPhones.

Some people say that the removal of 3D touch may not be a big deal as many people don't even use that feature in there day to day lives, well this is true to some extent but the one who regularly use it may find problem with the removal.

There is however one feature that may be added in 2019 iPhones according to the recent leaks, that Apple will allow 2019 iPhones to have Bluetooth connectivity to two devices at the same time. This will be a good upgrade  that users may like. Talking about the presence of this feature, this already exists in new models of Samsung & Huawei phones.

The camera upgrade on the iPhone 11 will be a great upgrade, thanks to the triple cameras and new sensors. You will be able to take great photos with your new iPhone.

Apple also upgraded the new generation of iPod Touch with the processor of iPhone 7, A10 fusion chip. So you will be able to use your iPod Touch at faster speeds.


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