Android Q: Things You Need To Know!

Android Q: Things You Need To Know!

Android Q is the upcoming android system update that will be most likely out around the third quarter of 2019. As every update, this will bring out a lot of new features to your android smartphones and will be better than before!

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Here I will be listing the things you need to know about Android Q!

1. This mobile version will bring features like smarter AI, improved and new gesture controls, enhanced security, more privacy, dark mode feature and much more!

2. As every android update is termed with a sweet name like Kit Kat, Oreo, Pie etc. Android Q is rumored to be called as Quince Jelly. It's not confirmed what will be the name yet.

3. Android Q is out to be tested by public. If you have a Google Pixel phone, you can test it yourself! Sure it will take time to finish and we can expect a release soon. Till then you can enjoy the public beta on your Pixel smartphone.

4. Of course as every android update it will be free but we don't know on which old smartphones it will be releasing.

5. Android Pie had introduced a swiping bar like the iPhone X and with new gesture controls, Android Q improves it all with gestures like swiping to next app or swiping to go back to home. There is a lot more!

6. The smart replies feature introduced in android smartphones a while ago will be improving with support of more android apps. Notifications will be better prioritized and delivered to you with what matters the most and what matters the least.

7. Introducing Dark Mode, this was most awaited and a lot of people were expecting this feature to be out soon. Android Q will introduce all new Dark Mode with support of a lot of applications. You can now enjoy the Dark Mode on your android smartphone!

8. Your system will be getting way faster updates itself without you updating the entire phone as app updates can be annoying sometimes, google is improving and fixing the update system of your smartphone.

9. Some new features will be added to camera and inbuilt apps

Other features that are coming is improved privacy control and launching Parental controls so you can control apps and your system according to your needs. This update will kill an android feature you may not know about called as Android Beam which is used to transfer files between two phones without the need of internet connection, like the Shareit app.

More features will be introduced soon!


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