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6 Best Android Games To Play in June 2019

6 Best Android Games To Play in June 2019

It's been a while since I did a post on games to play on your smartphone. Here I have listed some of the best games you can play in June 2019, the gaming experience and the games available in an Android phone just keeps getting better and awesome. Note that the games I have listed are not according to their rankings. So yes! Here are they:


Currently in beta and exclusive to Android phones (currently only), this game takes first person shooter games to the next level. From the popular gaming franchise, Call of Duty brought the multiplayer experience to the Android phones. This game is so awesome and fun to play with friends or without that many people now consider this over Fortnite Mobile or PUBG Mobile. It's amazing that even in beta this game provides so much fun. COD Mobile offers Team Deathmatch, Deathmatch, Search and Destroy, Battle Royale and many other game modes that are so amazing to play, just like the…

Artificial Intelligence - Current AI Technology, It's Future and the Godlike Super Artificial Intelligence (Singularity)

Artificial Intelligence - Current AI Technology, It's Future and How Powerful Can Machines Get?

Artificial Intelligence or AI has always been one of my favorite topics to research on. It fascinates me that how machines starts to learn and adapt to things all by themselves and evolve by it, gain more knowledge and power. The future of AI and it's impact on mankind is huge and everyone should know a bit about AI because future is based on AI machines and computers.

In simple words, AI can be defined as when machines start to get intelligence artificially, like humans and they start learning things by themselves. It's basically simulating human like intelligence in machines. But well true, right now our AI technology isn't powerful to make machines think like us, but we are working on it and within a few years we will see massive change in the thinking of machines as we develop better technologies.

Machine Learning (ML) on the other hand is when we teach the machines to p…

Huawei To Release it's own OS - Might be named ARK OS - After Huawei Ban

Huawei To Release it's own OS - Might be named ARK OS - After Huawei Ban

Recently, the US government ordered companies to take down Huawei products from there store and connections because of the Chinese government monitoring on people and companies through Huawei smartphones. It was found out by agencies that Huawei is using their products (in co-ordination with the Chinese government) to spy on organisations and it's people which was a major concern and led to the ban of Huawei. Since then many huge companies removed their connections with Huawei. Like Google taking down Android license from Huawei, Microsoft removing Huawei laptops from their store, and other companies suspended their business with Huawei after the ban.

Huawei obviously faced major loss for it's products and for the future of the company, being the second world's largest smartphone manufacturing company. The ban will most likely will not be lifted in any case so Huawe…

iOS 13 - New Leaks Reveal Dark Mode & New Features to iPhone iOS 13

iOS 13 - New Leaks Reveal Dark Mode & New Features to iPhone iOS 13

iOS 13 is on it's way to iPhones, Mac, iPad & More. Recently there have been new leaks related to iOS 13. It will be officially revealed during WWDC taking place from June 3 to June 7. Apple every year participates in it showing off new features & tech. Every year leaks are out earlier too and this year is no exception, thanks to 9to5Mac for revealing the leak. iOS 13 will be officially getting the most awaited dark mode feature to it's device apps. It will change the look of many iPhone apps in the dark mode theme. Many websites, apps, devices have been implementing Dark Mode to make users using the device more comfortable with the dark theme and to their eyes


There have been leaks about the improved control center, better multi-tasking, new updated apps and the synchronization of those apps. There have been concept designs too released based on the recent leaks of iOs 13. I will be sharing the…

Apple iPhone 11 - 3D Touch Feature May Be Removed from 2019 iPhones & More News!

Apple iPhone 11 - 3D Touch Feature May Be Removed from 2019 iPhones

It looks like that 2019 is going to be a bad year for iPhone. Almost all leaks that are being revealed is being negative in some way. Now the recent leak tells that Apple may remove it's classic iPhone feature introduced way back in 2015 with iPhone 6S which was the 3D touch feature. It's a pretty bad thing as many users are used to use this feature. With 3D touch, users can use multiple functions by the pressure of fingers on the screen, In iPhone XR, this was replaced by the Haptic and that feature is not pressure sensitive. You just press the screen long enough to use the side function, 3D touch works differently by fingers pressure.

On the other news, it's most likely that Apple will keep the ugly design that has been in the news for several months. iPhone 11 will have triple camera setup and that will create a massive square camera bump on the screen that looks pretty ugly and has m…

Redmi K20 Pro - New Flagship Killer Android Smartphone Launched!

Redmi K20 Pro - New Flagship Killer Android Smartphone Launched!

Today in China, Redmi K20 Pro has officially launched and will hit the global market very soon. Xiaomi's Redmi K20 Pro is a game changer in the budget smartphones industry. With a budget friendly price, this smartphone offers amazing specifications and features that Redmi is hoping to serve globally. Let's put up the smartphone's specifications:

Redmi K20 Pro will have a starting price of CNY 2,499 which is about $361 with the highest specs variant costing CNY 2,999 ($435). More exact details will be revealed once the phone goes on sale globally.

* Powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor which comes in mostly high end flagship phones. Redmi's new K20 Pro will offer that.

* It comes in two RAM variants, 6GB and 8GB RAM, With maximum internal storage of 256GB, other storage variants are 64GB and 128GB. The price will slightly vary according to the smartphone variant.

* Talking about the screen, Redmi …

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 - Design & Recent Leaks News

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 - Design & Recent Leaks News

Samsung has did a really fantastic job with the release of Samsung Galaxy S10, S10E & S10 Plus smartphones. It will be safe to say that Galaxy S10 is the best smartphone series of the entire smart-phones market, particularly among android phones. It is a smartphone close to perfect for our current times and it's gonna get even better with the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 10. Yes it's coming and way sooner than you think!

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is most likely to be announced this August, 2019 and could go for sale the end of August or early September. Some sources say it could be announced even earlier, which is July 2019. It's gonna be Samsung's most powerful smartphone with all the great features and the new ones that will be come, it will be superior in every possible way for our current generation. I will be listing some of the leaks & designs of this upcoming smartphone.

* Galaxy Note 10 will probably…

United States Banned Huawei Phones and Now China May Ban Apple iPhones

United States Banned Huawei Products and Now China May Ban Apple Products

You may already know that recently the United States banned Chinese smartphones & accessories manufacturer Huawei because they were possessing some things which the US government didn't liked. Let me simply tell you why it was banned.

Huawei is the number 1 telecom supplier and number 2 smartphone manufacturer. Then why it was banned? It's because the US government had concerns about Huawei secretly in collaboration with the Chinese government in spying on countries, companies and it's people. US claimed that the company is secretly monitoring various companies in the country and sending the data to the Chinese government which became a major concern and ran Huawei into the biggest trouble of 2019. US has informed all the major companies to not partner up with Huawei in any way. This definitely hurt Huawei and China. Huawei said that US is underestimating the company but the US is most likely to…

Playstation 5 (PS5) May Release in 2020 - Here's What You Need To Know!

Playstation 5 May Release in 2020 - Here's What You Need To Know!

According to many sources, it's been said that Sony's PS5 is in development and may launch as soon as next year which is 2020. There have been a lot of rumors regarding it's release and some sources say it may launch in 2021 or late 2020 but there's no confirmation yet by Sony.

Fans are hoping that Sony will very soon announce PS5 and probably during E3 2019 event but it's very less likely to happen. Recently there has been a confirmation that AMD will be supplying hardware for the next generation console. Playstation 5 will most likely to cost more than PS4 it did on launch and the suggested price tag is set at $500. Call of Duty Black Ops 5 may be the first game that will be released on the PS5 console and it's already in talks that Activision is developing Black Ops 5 as the next game in the franchise. So yes it's confirmed that in 2020 Call of Duty Black Ops 5 wi…

5G Internet Network - The Upcoming Wireless Internet Technology That Will Change The World

5G Internet Network - The Upcoming Wireless Technology That Will Change The World.

You may already know that the 5G internet technology on it's way and will come soon to change our lives and the world. This technology is already in it's progress and will be very much powerful than the 4G LTE network and other services like 3G. It will bring revolution in the wireless Internet technology and to the smartphones. These networks will have much faster download and upload speeds with low latency.

image by: RCR Wireless

To support the 5G network, soon smartphone manufacturers will bring 5G phones that will allow the smartphones to use this technology. It will change the way we use smartphones and the internet networks. Recently, Snapdragon has launched it's new Snapdragon 855 processor chip that enables the smartphones to connect to 5G network but it won't be fully operational till late 2019 or early-mid 2020.

Talking about the speeds of Internet, 5G will allow smartphones an…

Call of Duty Mobile is coming to iOS and Android Smartphones Soon - Here's What You Need To Know!

Call of Duty Mobile is coming to iOS and Android Soon - Here's What You Need To Know!

It's pretty awesome that the all time popular Call of Duty franchise is coming with a mobile game on your iPhone and Android devices very soon, most likely this week. After months of rumors and leaks, Activision said that they will be finally releasing the mobile beta of Call of Duty this week and the closed beta is already out. Fans are very excited about it and passes has already been distributed to the beta players. So those with a pass can enjoy the beta of Call of Duty mobile.

The closed beta of the game is now already available but it will be available to more players soon. You can sign up at Call of Duty Mobile's official website and get the chance to play next time in Beta. 

This game will be releasing to both iPhone and Android devices. It was rumored before that COD Mobile will feature gameplay like PUBG. I mean the Battle Royale mode but it's been confirmed that this game w…

Asus Zenfone 6 Is Here! - Here's what you will be getting in this Smartphone

Asus Zenfone 6 Is Here! - Here's what you will be getting in this Smartphone.

We've been seeing a lot of new smartphones launching in 2019 and Asus has just launched it's all new Android smartphone, Asus Zenfone 6. Priced around $560 or 499 Euros, Asus followed the recent smartphone trend making it's smartphone display almost bezel-less with no notch and thanks to it's all new flip camera. We have been seeing other smartphone manufacturers implementing different technology and changes to make their display with the least bezels and no notch like Samsung, Huawei, Oneplus, Redmi etc. are doing.

It's predecessor Asus Zenfone 5Z had a huge notch and Asus moved forward to make the display bezel-less (well not completely). Like the other Android smartphones we have seen, the phone still has a little bezel at the bottom and around corners but still a great upgrade.

The flip camera actually flips the rear camera to make it turn into the front side and the rear cameras…

These are the Technology Predictions For The Upcoming 20 Years! To Year 2040

These are the Technology Predictions For The Upcoming 20 Years!

The overall development and growth of the technology is constantly rising at a very high speed. 20 years ago the world was very much different than what it is now, now the world is controlled by computers, internet, smart-phones and much more!

A very large majority of the people living in the world is interacting with technology in one or the other way and in the next 20 years, the world will be much different than what it is now. Constant development is happening in the field of technology and there are a lot of predictions on what the future might be, here I have listed some and I hope you would love them!

1. Let's talk about Smartphones first. According to a research and it's statistics, about 2.5 billion people are currently using Smartphones in the world. This number is expected to hit 3.5 billion people by 2021 and within the next 20 years, you can say almost everyone will be having a smartphone device in t…

Is it true that the USA is lagging behind China in terms of technology?

Is it true that USA is lagging behind China in terms of technology?

It's well known that the United States is the superpower of the world and is one of the most successful countries of the world. But in recent years, USA has started lagging in terms of development of technology and infrastructure. Particularly with China which is constantly proving to be the next superpower of the world.

United States comes in the category of developed countries but you may not know that China, being the second most powerful in economy and third in military is a developing country. Despite all this, the technological development in this country is booming at a very high rate, taking United States and other countries behind soon. I will list down some facts you may not know about China!

There are more than hundreds of cities in China that are way ahead in technology and infrastructure than the United States. Bengt Lindvall who is a traveler and toured a lot of Chinese cities observed that payment …

Virtual Reality (VR) and AR (Augmented Reality) Will Change The World & Our Future

Virtual Reality (VR) and AR (Augmented Reality) Will Change The World

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality is gonna reshape our future and the upcoming generation of technology and it's consumers. Statistics tell that VR industry will grow from $6.1 billion in 2016 to $197 billion by 2022. We are already in 2019 and halfway and 2022 is only a couple of years away. We have already seen massive growth and development in VR tech and how it's gonna bring a revolution in how we use and interact with technology. Not only for gaming but it will be used in various industries, businesses, real estate, in medical care and much more!

There will be a time in future when almost every working organization will be using VR/AR tech to do and run their work operations. This is the future and it's gonna be revolutionary.

Hundreds of large companies are already working to improve this technology and to implement in their practical day to day life and work. Some to name are: Google, Microso…