Samsung Galaxy Fold - Should you get this Smartphone/Tablet Combination?

Samsung Galaxy Fold - Should you get this Smartphone/Tablet Combination?. It's been a while since Samsung showed as the preview of the Galaxy Fold, the first foldable smartphone of it's kind that just brings out an entirely new concept of the smartphones/tablet world. This phone is releasing 26 April, 2019.

image credits to Business Insider

So yeah let's talk about it.

1. This smartphones basically has two screens, one small tall outer screen and one large screen, which you get when you unfold the smartphone.

2. The phone costs almost $2000 so yes we can say it's currently the most expensive smartphone in the market right now.

3. The phone is quite heavy to feel when you hold it. The outer tall screen is a 4.6 inch screen and the large screen is about 7.3 inch screen. The screen you get inside is an OLED screen made by Samsung and we know that Samsung makes the best screens. If we talk about the display in pixels, it is about 1536 x 2152 pixels which makes it a great OLED screen!

4. You don't get the memory card slot in this phone so yeah you cannot expand the memory but it has an internal storage of 512GB. I think the storage option Samsung is giving with the Galaxy Fold is alright and that's plenty of storage for the media people store, apart from that you can use the Cloud service!

5. This phone has monster 12GB of RAM so every task is performed smoothly.

6. Talking about the camera, it has 10 MP, f/2.2, 26mm (wide), 1.22µm 8 MP, f/1.9, 24mm (wide), 1.22µm, depth sensor camera. You can expect some really really amazing pictures with this smartphone.

7. You don't get a headphone jack in the Galaxy Fold, haha sorry. Samsung has been taunting iPhone for a while regarding the removal of headphone jack but guess Samsung had to apply the same thing too with the new Galaxy Fold.

8. Galaxy Fold comes with Qualcomm SDM855 Snapdragon 855 processor which is presently the fastest Android processor in the market.

9. As the Galaxy Fold is a foldable smartphone and you may think if this phone gets a crease when unfolded, yeah you can actually see the crease in certain lightning or have light wallpaper but it almost fades and you won't notice it much. The technology used to make this happen is really amazing and Samsung really nailed it! The phone doesn't gets folded completely and you can actually see the gap in triangle shape.

10. This phone has a notch on the right side of the smartphone that stores the front facing camera and sensors. It's not like traditional notches we have been seeing in the smartphones like in iPhone X but quite different.

11. Samsung says that they will produce up to 1 million Galaxy Fold this year.

12. Apart from Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi and Motorola are also working on Foldable smartphones and we will see more of them this year. The sources say that Samsung spent around 8 years developing the Galaxy Fold and seriously that's a lot of time and effort they put on to this smartphone.

There are still a lot of development and time needed on this new revolutionary smartphone and it's concept. We can expect a lot of more changes on the Galxay Fold 2, it's already in development according to Samsung. Samsung Galaxy Fold is all set to release on 26 April, 2019 for about $1980.


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