Best iPhone Games & iPad Games To Play in 2019 (iOS Mobile Games)

Best iPhone Games & iPad Games To Play in 2019 (iOS Mobile Gaming). Here I will be providing you names and information of the best games you can play on your iPhone and iPad device. Some of these games are free so you are getting free iPhone games but some of them cost money. But they are definitely very fun to play and you will enjoy these mobile games! So let's begin our list with...


This is a free to play iOS mobile game for your iPhone & iPad but with a little twist as the developer says, quite similar to Fortnite and PUBG in terms of Battle Royale mode. Instead of having 100 players, you start with 32 players battle and just have non stop rampage, loot, shoot and survive! The overall look of the game is the mixture of 2D with 3D effects. The weapon system in this game is quite amazing too, you can have rocket launchers and even shields to protect yourself, like an armor. Each round can last as much as 10 minutes but it's pure fun. Must try!


Alto's Adventure is one of the highest rated iOS game you can play on your iPad and iPhone. This game has rated as one of the best games available on your smartphone by many big names like The Verge, The New York Times, IGN, VICE etc. This is a snowboarding platform game and with such beautiful graphics and environment this game provides, you will have endless fun with many maps and things to do.


Quite similar to Hitman GO, Lara Croft GO takes you in the world of Lara Croft Tomb Raider. You go through and solve various kinds of obstacles and take out the enemies in your way. The overall working of this game is quite simple and in graphics as well but very fun to play!


World of Goo, available for iPhone and iPad is one of the oldest and highest rated mobile games you will find. This is a puzzle game and winner of many awards by companies like IGN, This game was an Indie project and turned out to be really amazing when it was out the first time. You are basically in a world named World of Goo corporation and control sticky small characters named Goo, you use these Goos to create bridges and various kind of structures to go the safe pipe zone, basically moving from one obstacle to another. Must try iOS game if you still haven't played it!


Award winning and one of the most popular game on every huge platform you can think of, iOS, Android, PC and even consoles. This game works on a simple idea, you got a house with lawn movers and you have to collect sun in order to grow plants which fight for you against the zombies. The zombies attack and there are quite alot of them, it gets harder as you progress and there are alot of awesome content that you will love so much. The story mode is quite long and there are other modes available too as you progress, seriously this is one of the best smartphone games you can have. This is a free to play iOS game and has a second part, Plant VS. Zombies 2 as well completely free.


Terraria is a survival game quite similar to Minecraft but talking about its game contents, it has alot of things to have and to do. You are in a 2D world with multiple terrains and almost endless world. You start of with nothing but basic tools, you mine, you chop off trees to make stuff, you collect more stuff, you fight monsters and other mobs, you level up, grow and grow further. I can say alot about this game and everything about this iOS mobile game is just amazing. You don't have to worry about having a good mobile to run it, it looks simple yet is so fun to play.


I am pretty sure that in 2018 and 2019, PUBG Mobile was definitely one of the best and widely played game on the mobile platform be it Android or iOS. This is a Battle Royale game which has endless amount of fun, especially with friends. In the classic mode, you start off in your selected map along with other 99 players. Currently there are 4 maps to choose from. If it's squad mode you got a team of 4 each and you can interact with them through chat or voice, you have to work in team and take out other players and survive till the last to be the winner. There are other various modes available as well and a lot of skins, weapons, vehicles to choose from. This game is really addicting and I feel so good that it is free to play on your iPhone and iPad device.


Fortnite is another battle royale game which is hugely popular in all over the world. Works quite same as the concept of PUBG, but this game has its own additional features like different game modes and the building of walls to hide from the enemies and stay inside your own made structures. Fortnite is really addicting and is loved by all age groups, the graphics are amazing and the overall look and feel of the game. Fortnite is the main competitor of PUBG Mobile. You can get it for free on App Store.


Monument Valley is a highly rated puzzle game available on your iOS mobile and iPad. This game has some really stunning eye popping visuals and has even won game of the year award as the best puzzle game. You will have to guide the princess, going through various puzzles and obstacles, hidden paths and other monuments to get to the top. There are many beautiful worlds to play in all looking so beautiful, you will love this game on your smartphone!

10. LIMBO 

Limbo is another highly rated award winning puzzle platform game with simple yet so stunning visuals and game physics. Limbo takes you in the dark world filled with various obstacles and puzzles, which you will have to solve in order to save Limbo's sister. This game is a masterpiece and is loved by all the age groups, most importantly it looks stunning and very fun to play on your iPhone and iPad devices. This game is a winner of more than 100 awards so is a must play game, just try it for yourself and I am pretty sure you will love this iOS game.


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