Best Android Mobile Games to Play in 2019 - New Android Smartphone Games!

Best Android Mobile Games to Play in 2019 - New Android Smartphone Games! Lots of new amazing games for android release every day and I have picked some of the best games you can download on your android phone and have fun! So yeah, let's get started!


This game has to definitely stay on this list even if it didn't release in 2019. PUBG Mobile is one of the most widely played and entertaining mobile android game in the world right now. It's absolutely free to download on your smartphone and you can have a lot of fun playing it with your friends, if you haven't played it yet!


Fortnite is another widely played Battle Royale game and it is also free to play just like PUBG. However it is not available to download from Google Play Store, instead you can download it from Epic Game's official website. This game is a competitor of PUBG Mobile and is really fun to play on your android smartphone!


Happy Glass is a very fun game you can play on your smartphone and well it requires usage of your mental abilities too. If you have heard or played Brain Dots, it's quite similar to it. The thing you need to do in this android game is that you will have to draw different shapes or lines and make sure that the water flows to the glass only from the tap and does not go anywhere else (a specific quantity). You should definitely try this and trust me it's fun!


You probably know about the Asphalt racing game series available on both android and iOS phones and is one of the most widely played game on smartphones. Asphalt 9 is the latest edition of the game with lots of new features from it predecessor and there are lots of challenges, activities to do along with multiplayer mode and a lot of stunts, crashes and amazing things to do. Must try!


Traffic Racer is a game consisting of various vehicles going on in the highway and you have to go through them with high speed without breaking into anything. This concept is quite similar with other similar android games but it sure is alot of fun to play! It's an endless game and you just gotta score as much as you can, unlock new vehicles and have fun!


Hill Climb Racing is a game you probably need no introduction too because it's such a hugely popular android mobile game but in case you don't know about this amazing game, you should definitely give it a try. Completely free to play, this game has been getting a lot of new updates adding new maps and vehicles. Try to go as far as you can in the maps you choose to play in and get money, use money to upgrade your vehicles and you will be able to go much further. This is a grinding game and really fun, seriously one of the best android mobile game to play.


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