Apple Airpods 2 Leaks - iPhone 11 & More!

It's been in the news since the last few days that Apple has been putting alot of their time in new stuff that they will put up in their devices launching this year. iOS 12.2 for developers released a while ago and it's been revealed that it will feature a "Hey Siri" setup for the Airpods specifically and that is really exciting to be honest because there is a lot more going on to the rumors.

There has been a report from Digitimes saying that Apple is working on to add the health monitoring function to Apple Airpods 2 that may release along with 2019's iPhone 11. It was also reported last year that Apple is thinking to add biometric functionality to the Airpods which of course will work in sync with the iPhones.

It's definitely safe to assume that Airpods 2 which will release either this year with iPhone 11 or perhaps in early 2020 with improved battery life and it's been said that it will have better noise cancelling functionality and sound isolation with much more features in sync with iPhone's Siri and also the Apple Watch.

Apple Airpods 2 may also feature sliding feature right on the Airpods instead of just touching them to do different functions because well yeah, that sounds better according to the reviews. You can just slide up and down to change the music volume or change the tracks and that sounds really cool to be honest. Apple Airpods 2 may feature design that will be similar to the design of Apple Pencil which would be more grippy. It's also in the rumors that Airpods 2 could come in another color that could be matte black or perhaps Rose Gold or Gold.

Well according to Digitimes, Apple Airpods 2 is set to launch sometime in early 2019 and that could happen. Apple Airpower is also on its way sooner than we think! It's already in production and may release early in 2019.

There could be in built thermometer in the Airpods 2 which may tell you how hot your body is currently along with heart rate sensors. It's in the rumored that it could also measure Pulse oximetry which basically measures the oxygen level in our body.

There is a rumor which says that Airpods 2 could also reverse charge the iPhone, obviously along with the Airpods 2 case but this is something we can't be really sure about, still a pretty cool idea. Still it could be possible to charge your Airpods 2 instead using the new iPhone 11.

I will update this when we get to know more!


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